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Sharon Muzaki, is an Environmental Journalist, a budding Climate and Environment activist and a creative director at
Environment Hub.
In Uganda, climate change is the biggest under-reported, or unreported topic of our times, and yet
if you look around, the critical evidence suggests that not only are the effects of climate change
already being felt, but they are (worsening) within the next few years. We’re talking within the
decade, or the next two decades, they’re going to become huge game-changers for
societies in Africa.
The reason that climate change is not making the headlines in Uganda, even though the
the climate is already high, the issue is not yet well understood by the media and I want to change
the situation.
I want to help ensure people properly understand the environment, climate change, and
why it needs to be addressed. ‘‘We have only one earth, let’s jealously protect it.’’
Environment-Hub is here to cover all the environment, Climate, and Agriculture well-
researched stories around the globe.

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